About Us

Who Are We?

Award winning Adored Earth is a new eco-centric brand that truly cares about our planet’s future. With a passion for nature and the outdoors, we set out with the goal of helping to preserve the beauty of our planet, for ourselves and future generations. Having witnessed first-hand the effects of global warming and plastic pollution, we felt a sense of responsibility and had to act.This way we know at least we have tried to do our bit to look after the planet we enjoy so much.

The beautiful Swiss alps. They may no longer be covered in snow for the winter if global warming continues.


One of our founders planting trees in Burley Park, Leeds in December 2022.

You can find us regularly picking up litter in the local area, planting trees or attending beach and countryside clean-ups. When we shop, we are forever mindful of our consumption and the impact that everyday goods can have on the environment.Whilst shopping, we realised that often we were sacrificing functionality for eco-friendly. Knowing there must be a better way, we set out to launch an eco-friendly brand, to offer products that are sustainable whilst also retaining optimum levels of performance. We are proud that to date we have physically planted 249 trees in Leeds as volunteers with the Woodland Creation Team, across the city in a number of parks and new woodlands. 


How can you help us?

By choosing our products, you can be confident that we have scoured the four corners of the globe to ensure that the chemical structures, packaging and performance of our products meet the demands outlined by our sustainability and eco-friendly goals.Our mission is to never stand still. We work methodically and meticulously to ensure our products are of the highest standard in performance, but with the lowest impact on the environment.

A lovely evening to collect litter from the streets of our hometown, Leeds.

Admiring the mountains we love.

Additionally, we have outlined a roadmap that incorporates new products and improvements, combined with customer engagement, to help us further our investment into the planet’s future. As well as delivering eco-friendly products to your door, we have also set out a strategy for becoming carbon neutral. 

The research and implementation of more energy efficient practices will allow us to reduce the carbon emissions we output. Through the planting of trees and the support of environmental projects we will offset the carbon emissions that remain. We hope this will help us all to continue adoring Earth, including the generations that follow us.

The mountains we would like to help avoid.

By investing in Adored Earth, you are contributing to our commitment to planet Earth.

Our goals are to:

  • Create household items that offer sustainable alternatives to the current market.
  • Reduce the use of plastics in households.
  • Circulate knowledge round communities, helping people better understand their position and their impact on the environment.
  • Become a NetZero operation.
  • Invest back into communities and projects that better the health of our planet.

Recent events: 

We recently exhibited at The Clean and Tidy Home Show in October.  We loved being able to meet so many of our supporters and eco crusaders in person and even more people fell in love with our small eco business.

Follow us on our social media accounts @adoredearth to stay updated of future events that you can meet us in person.