Laundry Detergent Sheets

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Adored Earth Eco-Ergent Laundry Detergent Sheets being carried in a washing basket containing brand coloured towels.

What are laundry detergent sheets?

The way we wash our clothes is evolving. Our Eco-ergent laundry detergent sheets are an innovative way to wash your clothes while reducing your environmental impact.

Unfortunately, here in the UK only 12% of the plastic we put out to recycle is actually recycled, so we have eliminated that need with biodegradable/compostable packaging.

The compact size means carbon emissions from transportation are reduced.

We go one step further and off-set the remaining emissions of our products and operations leaving a net zero product.

And you can help us do it.

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How are they different to traditional powders, gels and pods?

And how do they work?

Our laundry detergent sheets are readily biodegradable and non-biological (no enzymes). They rely on plant derived surfacants for their cleaning power. They deliver uncompromising performance while reducing environmental impact.

They are also:

- Free from dye

- Free from bleach

- Free from optical brighteners

Our ultra concentrated formula means that a 2.5g detergent sheets is equivalent to 40g of washing powder, or 40ml of washing liquid.

The sheets dissolve in the wash, so there is no mess or waste left behind.

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Our packets are delivered in envelopes that are made from waste sugarcane, to be even more eco friendly.

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    Compact Design

    Fits neatly in your suitcase and kitchen.

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    Less Weight

    Lighter to carry than conventional travel wash.

  • Easy To Use

    Suitable for hand washing in hot and cold water.

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    No Mess

    No risk of spills in your kitchen or on your travels.